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Private Collection

Ben's Mom 

Gerardo Gama

Acrylic on Canvas USA 2021

I had a lot of fun trying to capture the style and smarts of a lady I don't know much but the stories told by her son, my friend Ben. 


Private Collection

Thank you for the invitation to participate in Art Battle Oakland. I had a great time competing, there is so much talent in Oakland and the event was more intimate and theatrical. I loved the energy, thank you and congratulations to the organizers,  YinJu Ge, good luck to the regional participants, and of course,  thank you to all of you that attended the event, even though you did not vote for me LOL. Without the participation of the audience, there would be no art battle.

Again, maybe I did not prepare, I did not know what I was going to paint until a few moments prior to the start of the competition, and I was there to have a good time. In reality, this time, I did not have time to plan a painting because I had been extremely busy with grad school and SFOS Open studios. Anyway, I was pleased with the result and I received great feedback and comments from the organizers and audience. 

It was a very different experience than the SF Art Battle. The featured artist Zelda is a trip, she is very entertaining and talented. I highly recommend both editions and I am curious about other cities where these events take place. The newest addition to my travel planning and research list, now includes museums (of course), art galleries, concerts, DJ/circuit party events, protests, conventions, plays, restaurants, and now art battles happening in place.


Gerardo Gama for Art Battle Oakland

United States, 2021



Art Battle Oakland Winner

Fashionist Yijun Ge

The semester flew by too quickly to notice any change in style again. During the first session of the semester, I studied 10 hours straight almost every day of the week. I was sick for a couple of weeks after completing finals. 4 classes is a lot. Fortunately, I passed all courses with decent, though modest Bs and passed to obtain credits (GPA 3).

Hopefully, the second session's class will allow me to achieve a better GPA. Law and Economics is a very interesting topic. I can say that this class has forever changed my view and perspective of my relationships with friends, family, work relationships, society, and the world. I will never be the same. 

I am proud to be part of the George Mason University community, and I am thankful for having the opportunity to advance my education at the prestigious Antonin Scalia Law School.