ArtSpan's now traditional local art showing SF Open Studios Festival is happening from September 16 through October 17, 2021.
My home studio will be open to the public on SEP 22, 25, and 30 from 1 to 5 pm @ 250 FREMONT ST in SOMA

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San Francisco                October 20, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

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I am given the chance to vindicate myself. If you are around San Francisco Bay Area, please join us at The Great Northern for an exciting night, strong drinks, and awesome tacos.​

I am looking forward to paint and booze with you all!

Now available 

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Art Battle

Unfortunately, the 20 minutes painting competition did not go as planned. I was one of the least-voted artists. I am sincerely grateful for all my friends who came to the event, to support me, and it was awesome that you all showed up!

I was confident that I would crush this as I was able to make a portrait of Dolly Parton in less than 20 min when training. I also planned the painting carefully so it would be a transcendental work of art. However, being introverted, the lights and attention or for some reason, I f@qd up! I applied too much paint and Britney started to look green, then I wasted precious time trying to correct the color and ended up not executing my plan to completion.

I learned a life lesson, (Later I found information validating these ideas),  Just to flow. Do not resist, continue your course, just keep going and let the paint flow. When training I was surprised by the quality of the paint I just got for the competition, and the ease it provided. I said, "the paint paints itself". I should have just let that green face be. Of course,  the winner of the round or of the competition indeed painted a green woman. Hers was sexy and anonymous,  not an impactful, deep message, iconic potential, statement, change policy, and legislation image like mine. Nevertheless, it was perfect for a drunk crowd that just wants to watch someone painting something catchy. 

Yeah, the competition was fierce! Congratulations to all the competitors, everyone was awesome. I am proud to have participated and I already applied to vindicate myself in the next art battle.

Thank you to the organizers and to my friends and the public to support the event. Despite I did not make it past the first round, I had an awesome time thanks  to all my friends, and their friends :)


Thank you Cinthia for buying my painting, it gave me the courage to apply to compete again. I am glad you liked it. 

If anyone is interested I have a couple more "Free Britney" 20 minutes works of art result of training sessions. "The plan" is also available for purchase, rent, exhibition, loan, or trade.  

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Free Britney  
Gerardo Gama 
for Art Battle SF 2021

Acrylic on Canvas

Private Collection



Gerardo Gama 

Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection

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Free Britney Training 1

Gerardo Gama 
Acrylic on Canvas


Free Britney Training 2

Gerardo Gama 
Acrylic on Canvas


'God' (above) has been selected to be featured in the July edition of the literary and Visiual Arts magazine Beyond Words!

Thank you MUSA for hooking me up with to exhibit at SobreMesa the past month of July 

sobremesa 2.JPG

Living away from home can make change a person significantly. Paintings are no different 

Upon return from Sobre Mesa, Bajo el mar decided that he wants to be a tree, now it is more mature and more lush, airy, and it loves being Bajo el Sol, and is looking better than ever. 

These past days I have learned a lot. Another big lesson I just learned, is to decide our destiny for ourselves. I welcome and love feedback and suggestions. Nevertheless, the final word should always be mine. I do not want to drown and be underwater. I want to breathe, feel the sun, the air, life out loud. 


Bajo el Sol

(Formerly Bajo el Mar)

Acrylic on Canvas
Gerardo Gama