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Mixed Media on Canvas



Paris is a city that inspires adventure, romance, and fun. The most celebrated artists, thinkers, writers, and creatives around the world found inspiration in its beauty and truth. I was mesmerized by ‘she’. Wanting to commemorate the realization of a lifelong dream, Vacation Pictures in Paris is the result of photographs taken when vacationing in Paris last year.

Unplanned, these quick and casual, but beautiful shots gave birth to paintings similar in style to modern painters. Influenced by Van Gogh, Cezanne, and other impressionists, these works of art showcase quick brushstrokes, savage use of the paint, raw colors, and incorporate mixed media, including pens and highlighters. When in Paris you want a taste of everything and anything, irremediably anything goes in these works of art.

Other pieces are so pure. Results in honest communication between the media and the recipient. The author is just a brush in these works. A picture of the big bang. Whatever images may be on the canvas, habit in the spectator’s personal universe. The audience owns the story, travels to a personal yet common ground. 

Enjoy looking at vacation pictures; learn, process, and let go.



Exhibition opening December 8 2020 in Hayes Valley

Vacation Pictures Paris was showing at

12 Washburn St, @ Mission St, in SOMA San Francisco  

Gerardo was sharing memories from recent travels in casual comical style and technique

"COVID-19 tainted not only my present and my future,

but now I feel like also my memories are being affected..." 


Looking at vacation pictures is like traveling in a way. However,  who has time for vacations when COVID-19 is affecting the world.

There is little to nothing being made to stop the practices that lead to this pandemic.

How many lives more are needed to do something about illegal trade, unfair trade, unfair globalization, along unfair economics.  

We must do something so everybody wins, otherwise inevitably, sooner or later, everybody loses. 





Mixed Media on Canvas

Private Collection

Introducing new series FOR ONE ONLY


    Nancy Nothing    


Only one left!

Beauty may be everywhere, nowhere to be found


'Nancy Nothing'


Acrylic on Reused Canvas 12 x 20 in


More sizes and positions may become available

or produced upon request

Nothing left to say 

Nothing to loose

Nothing left to do

Nothing new to invent

Going back to black

Going back to start

Going back to that

I just wanna rap 


Hello! Wellcome home you all

There Is Always A Way

Hello! Wellcome home you all

Get in Touch

There Is Always A Way

Get in Touch



Pass Covid Renters Protections

Urge your legislator & Governor Newsom to stop all evictions & forgive COVID debts by voting to support AB15 and AB16!

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