Advocate Artist Activist


A 7.5 earthquake struck Mexico on the date Gerardo was born. Having to face turbulence from that tender age to now, moment on, Gerardo keeps demonstrating resilience and commitment to shake the world for, virtue, beauty, and truth.

​He started to go above and beyond from an early age. His mother taught him how to read at age 3, quickly became an avid reader, and showed interest in languages and arts. later on, he wandered places becoming a citizen of the world. ​

Raised by television, discovered his passion for fine art when watched Bob Ross. Gerardo discovered his talent at age 17.

His first commission was a portrait of singer Tracy Chapman. Almost 20 years later, he continues to produce unique portraiture in his characteristic cartoonish style.

As an outsider artist, he is unorthodox in the composition and execution of his works, yet demonstrating great persistence, he stops until he has captured the essence of the object or a deadline is approached.

Dynamic, fluent, neutral, or vibrant. Vibration, visualization.​ Cavalier and spontaneous, deep, and structured, surreal. A paradox, like life. Impressionist, experimental, concerned, ambiguous. Postmodern, word that conveys his style and time.

Gerardo is not accepting commissions momentarily, he is enrolled in Law school and that demands his full attention and time. 

Proud to be a Patriot

I am very proud to become part of the George Mason University community, and I am thankful for having the opportunity to advance my education at the Antonin Scalia Law School. 

The semester flew by too quickly to notice any change in style again. During the first session of the semester, I studied 10 hours straight almost every day of the week. I was sick for a couple of weeks after completing finals. 4 classes is a lot. Fortunately, I passed all courses with decent, though modest Bs and passed to obtain credits (GPA 3).

I can say that Economics for lawyers is a class that has forever changed my view and perspective of my relationships with friends, family, work relationships, society, and the world. I will never be the same. 

I am optimistic about the second semester and achieving a better GPA

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