Advocate Artist Activist

Gerardo was born on a shaking day. A 7.5 earthquake struck Mexico where he was born. From that moment on, he has demonstrated resilience, and to be committed to protecting virtue, beauty, and truth.

Movement, change, tremor, vibration, the "only" real constants in the world. From age 3, when he started to read, thanks to his mother he started to wander around the universe becoming a citizen of the world. Ended up trapped in San Francisco. Happy per convictions, living for what is next due tradition.

From the Bob Ross school, raised by television, Gerardo discovered his talent at age 17. On and off, he continues to surprise with his talent and passion for the palette, especially for portraiture. His first commission was a portrait of singer Tracy Chapman. Popular for the unorthodox but surprisingly pleasant application of materials and colors. Happy only after he captures the essence of the object.

Cavalier and spontaneous, deep, and structured, surreal but clear. A paradox, like life. Impressionist, experimental, concerned, ambiguous. Postmodern, is the word he thinks it best conveys his style and inspiration.

Now accepting commissions

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